Here I am Again

Wow! Its been so long since I posted. It’s been quite a year! I am trying something new. I am going to post variations on the same photo. I’d love to hear from anybody and tell me which you liked best. The first will always be the original. Like this-

What’s Out There?

what's out there?

October 25, 2018

I find myself wondering so often these days what is out there for me, for my family, for those I care about.  What opportunities, surprises , might come into my life.  Change comes in so many ways, by land, by sea, by air.  What will life bring to me.  And when.  And how.  And so I find myself wondering, what’s out there?


You Must Weed the Garden

sunshine and rainwm

I chose this photo today because I have not been doing the work.  It is a reminder to myself that we must play our part in accomplishing our dreams.  And “gardening” can be so glorious!

I have not been posting for quite a few weeks now.  I am back and I am ready to do the work.  And “gardening” can be such a glorious activity!  Though I must admit, I would like many of my photos to simply speak for themselves.

So to all my followers, a great big thank you, I will be posting more regularly and I truly hope you will like my work and be inspired in some way.   Please let me know.