new oppHP

This is my first post.  So I thought I would make it about beginnings and getting started.  I am not by any means a great, or even a good writer.  So I hope you will find in my words simple truths, simply stated.

This photo and the words that accompany are sort of my mantra.  Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed in the morning to face the new day.  But I try to remind myself of what this says, each day in a new opportunity to do something good, to be better than I was the day before.

It is actually funny, I think, to know where the inspiration for this came from.  I was driving home from I do not remember where, and I had cheated on my diet yet again.  I told myself, oh well, tomorrow I will try again.  Every day is a new opportunity.  And so that mantra has really grown for me to mean so much more.

nothing will change

How many times have I told myself this.  Nothing will change in my life if all I do is sit in my house and watch television.  Opportunities will not come seek me out.  I can’t wish things into happening.  But I get so inert!  And so even starting this blog is one way I have of doing something different.  It has taken me months to get myself started on  this project.  Too many hours spent thinking and dreaming and hoping and praying.  But unless I get up and actually doing something that I have not done before, I can not expect the circumstances of my life to change.  So this blog is a great leap of faith.  My dream is that people will see my photography, and that they will like it, and most of all be inspired by the messages.

So if there is somebody reading this, looking at my photographs and writing, please, please leave me a comment, a critique, (but be gentle) or a suggestion as to how I can be seen!

start walking 2wm

great heightswmHP

Baby steps are better than no steps.  Even great heights are reached only one step at a time.  As we take those steps, new experiences, thoughts, ideas, challenges, trials, successes, joys will come in to view.  But you can’t see the new scenery if you remain at the same vantage point.  So small steps can get us to the highest peaks if we just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how small the step.  And when we have taken enough of those small steps, we can look and be amazed at where we have gotten to.