When You Stop Searching…

stop searchingwmHP

I think I will simply let this one speak for itself. 

There is no Destination, There is Only the Journey


But we, or at least I, get so caught up in the destination that we forget how to enjoy the journey of getting there.   When I was young, very young, I anticipated y wedding.  But life went on after.  Then I anxiously awaited  Read More

The Body Ages, the Soul is Ageless


I can remember exactly where I was and who I was with when this “revelation” came to me.  I was wondering why, despite my chronological age in my head I was young and of the now generation.  It did not really compute.  And then it hit me.  t is my body that ages, but the essence of me, that inner part that is not physical, that part is totally ageless.

That was a few years ago.  Now in my journey Read More

Around Every Corner…

breath awaywmHP

The inspiration, for this one, like so many of my thoughts came from the strangest place.  I am retired now, but my route to work brought me to an almost 90 degree curve in the road I took each day.  Right at the curve was a most magnificent tree that in fall was a blazing gold.  Just as I turned the corner of that road, Read More

What if Success was Measured …


The inspiration for this post came one day when we were chatting with good friends.  for some reason, I do not remember why, he started talking about this other person he knew.  This other man, according to my dear friend, was extremely successful.  He had made so much money, had such a home, traveled, and on and on.  All I could think was what a wonderful person my friend was and what a shame that he judged success Read More