What’s Out There?

what's out there?

October 25, 2018

I find myself wondering so often these days what is out there for me, for my family, for those I care about.  What opportunities, surprises , might come into my life.  Change comes in so many ways, by land, by sea, by air.  What will life bring to me.  And when.  And how.  And so I find myself wondering, what’s out there?


The Body Ages, the Soul is Ageless


I can remember exactly where I was and who I was with when this “revelation” came to me.  I was wondering why, despite my chronological age in my head I was young and of the now generation.  It did not really compute.  And then it hit me.  t is my body that ages, but the essence of me, that inner part that is not physical, that part is totally ageless.

That was a few years ago.  Now in my journey Read More

Around Every Corner…

breath awaywmHP

The inspiration, for this one, like so many of my thoughts came from the strangest place.  I am retired now, but my route to work brought me to an almost 90 degree curve in the road I took each day.  Right at the curve was a most magnificent tree that in fall was a blazing gold.  Just as I turned the corner of that road, Read More